More Than Skin Deep

Integrity Dermatology desires to provide exceptional healthcare, outstanding customer service, quality time with our patients and lower office visit and procedure fees, without the need to wait several weeks or months to see a specialist. We are thrilled to bring the Direct Pay dermatology practice model to Nebraska. This fresh, innovative approach is rapidly growing across our nation and we believe it will be a valued service to Lincoln and the surrounding communities.

Medicine continues to rapidly change and, unfortunately, the delivery of healthcare has suffered. Over the 24 years I have been in practice as a Physician Assistant (PA) I have seen insurmountable changes that have affected the landscape of healthcare. Insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses continue to soar. Couple those financial changes with the difficulty of seeing a specialist within a reasonable time frame, long waits in the reception area, decreased time with your healthcare provider, multiple forms to complete and fully-automated phone systems – these are just some of the changes we continue to see in medicine.

Healthcare professionals have become disappointed and frustrated by government and insurance requirements that take more and more time away from actual patient care and correspondingly increase the cost of providing care.

There are many people who simply can no longer afford the high-priced health insurance with reduced coverage that is available to them. Those who do purchase health insurance still face high premiums, deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket expenses with reduced coverage.

When a single visit can cost $250 or greater after insurance adjustments, people are hesitant and financially restricted to see a healthcare provider.

Seeing these changes over my career prompted me to leave the ‘insurance-based’ practice model and open a Direct Pay dermatology practice, as I firmly believe my patients deserve a better overall experience.

As a PA, I would not be able to open a medical practice without the generous support of my supervising physicians. What a blessing it is to have a team of physicians who are willing to come alongside me, eager to see this Direct Pay practice model unfold and who believe in my abilities to provide outstanding dermatologic care.

We truly desire to deliver an exceptional level of care in a time-efficient manner that also saves our patients money.

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